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Peter Turnquest is unquestionably clueless, arrogant and dare we say his insensitivity knows no bounds.  This started out early in his career as the Minister of Finance when one of his early supporters called him for help with a customs problem in Grand Bahama, only to be told that he the Minister of Finance could do nothing, that he thought what customs did was fair and he was not going to intervene.  His supporter, now former supporter, remembers well Mr. Turnquest’s admonition: pay the fine. Fast forward to today.  The only thing that Peter Turnquest can crow about is that he lowered the deficit.  As Chester Cooper pointed out  the FNM cares about numbers not people. Imagine that after almost three years as the government all you can boast about is lowering the annual budgetary deficit. You lower the deficit easily, if you do not pay your bills.  That is what they have done, not pay their bills. The result is holes in the road, poor hospital services to none, social services can’t help people, the schools are not ready on time, the power is off. So that is the real story of Peter Turnquest, hopelessly lost, so lost that he actually boasts about the pain which he is inflicting on the Bahamian people.  It’s called dishonest budgeting.  Nothing for civil servants, nothing for the power grid  but plenty to please the outside financial agencies that the deficit has been lowered.  You can’t make this stuff up. Double talking dishonesty. They crow to the international agencies about how well the country is doing economically but tell the poor that the country is doing badly.