Pictures From The PLP’s Convention

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Leader of the PLP Philip Davis with former Leader Perry Christie as he prepares to vote on 26 July 2019.  Trustee Tom Basden stands behind them.
Philip Brave Davis and Mrs. Davis arrive at the convention on closing night 26 July 2019
Arkel Rolle of the Fox Hill PLP on opening night 25 July 2019
Former Leader of the PLP Perry Christie votes on 26th July 2019
Senator Fred Mitchell with aspirant candidate Justin Smith, fourth from left in the suit and tie, and leaders of the Progressive Young Liberals Duran Saunders, Kamera Cartwright, T’Sean Mott, Donaldo Harris and a group of youngsters from the St. Barnabas area brought to the convention by Mr. Smith

On the last night, the leaders of the PLP Chester Cooper and Mrs. Cooper, Philip Brave Davis and Mrs. Davis, Senator Fred Mitchell