Pinewood MP Caught In A Lie

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Jerad Darville of the Pinewood Community Garden Project at his press conference with his wife and family 12th June 2019

Statement From Pinewood Community Watch And Garden

By Jerad Darville

Responding To MP MP Rahming’s Personal Attacks

For Immediate Release

13 June 2019

Our community has suffered a great loss in hope in our member of parliament;  a man supposedly representing our Bahamas would let his ego prevail and our constituency fail.  We are deeply disappointed in his response to our press conference. His response was filled with outright falsehoods.

We are trying to help the community.  We reached out to the MP and he instead chose to  label and  mischaracterize our good work. 

 When he came into the community garden and saw the cleanup we had done, he assured us after the  budget was cut last year that  he would make room for our initiative this year, if we kept on pushing; he congratulated us with intense vigour and made promises of support to us.

 The gleam in in his eye that night when he came turns  not to be support but to be that of an opportunist.

Does the MP not remember when we sat in the restaurant on Faith Avenue and had lunch and we discussed the details of our plans and he said that the constituency money was cut and he would  look out for us in the next budget? He did not tell us the truth. The constituency money had not been cut. To our surprise during this budget, he actually sounded that he meant good for the community  and we publicly thanked him on Facebook, but now despite that we are being  treated as second class citizens.

Mr MP,  we cry to you on behalf on the people of the great constituency of Pinewood, to let your ego be masked by the true good will for the people.  Let the records show that we did do the clean up campaign and not Water and Sewage.  Let the records show where we are on is not the Water and Sewerage land.  That property and the one we are on are two different locations and two different projects.  This is deceitful Mr. MP.  You have shamed us as a mentor, leader, and role model.  

The community’s actions from the onset of the garden were transparent with video documentation of every effort we put into the garden and while in the initial stages you agreed to allow it to grow, you have not been involved since.

 How could it grow and you not know what is going on in your constituency Mr. Rahming or you don’t get around as well as you used to?

We as a community, challenge you to see your proof of all the claims you have made.

 Without government assistance and influence we have accomplished a lot, and with our tax money the community is still crying out what have you done with that money and your position.  We as a community take money out our pockets to make a better environment for the young, the old, and the supposed to be working class in our community and you wait for our tax paying money to say what you want and do what you want  to do with it. Put the Pinewood community on your team and do not steal ideas and talk down our the true community builders; we cry shame.  Why can’t your money spend here on the children in Pinewood? Are we not your brother and sisters or only your favourite children get to eat and sleep good at night; we cry shame?

Support your community Mr. Rahming while you still have the chance and if you insist that we are selfish in our desires we ask for all of Pinewood to come together and see who is the real from the fake.

Please make the donations that you promised to make.