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Dear friends and family

as signaled this morning in my post, I have decided to tenure my resignation as Chairman of the Free National Movement and as an Opposition Senator effective immediately. The FNM and the PLP are different in how we approach governance and crisis. The central issue here is to rescue our country from a PLP Party that is not suited to govern in a time when our people need a competent, honest and compassionate government. Today, I make the decision to work more directly in our communities addressing our peoples’ need for economic opportunities, basic necessities and a sense of who we are as a people. My letter of resignation from the Senate is being forwarded to the President of the Senate and my letter of resignation as Chairman is being forwarded to the leader of the Opposition. My resignation is not an admission of guilt about anything. I fear no legal or ethical wrongdoing in my role in meetings when PLP/Nygard operatives made me aware of their past criminal acts and possible dastardly and unbelievable plot that posed a potential threat to the lives and reputation of citizens of this nation. I resign because I want our party not to be distracted in our effort to defeat an incompetent and unethical Government. Thanks again and God bless you and all Bahamians.