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From The Chairman of the PLP

On The Conduct of the National Security Minister

For Immediate Release

28 February 2019

The PLP’S Leader Philip Brave Davis witnessed on Wednesday 27 February the most appalling behaviour and loss of temper by Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security. 

The country later learned that the shouting outburst and pointing in another member’s face after the House meeting and in its precincts was in response to a gesture of civility from Rev Frederick McAlpine MP. This gesture came following the latter’s comments about the conduct of the minister in public office.

This is the second such outburst by this minister in response to criticism of his conduct. The first occasion came as the PLP on 13th February called for his resignation and that of the Minister of Health after they were judicially condemned in the ruling in the COP vs Frank Smith case. On both occasions he had to be physically restrained.

Quite apart from the inappropriate incivility of a member of parliament, as Minister of National Security licensed to be armed, it is quite dangerous and unacceptable for there to be these public displays of ire, petulance and pique. It shows that he is not fit for purpose. The danger is that Mr Dames will now further use the police force under his command to go after his political opponents.

 The display is indicative of his unfitness to hold such a high office.

It is unsafe for him to remain in office. We recommend that he enrols in an anger management program for his own personal good.

We therefore add this to the reason we are calling for the resignation of Mr Dames forthwith. Dr. Duane Sands must join him. The Attorney General Carl Bethel must also consider his position.