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Leader of the PLP Philip Davis and Chairman Fred Mitchell

So there’s this site called BN which is connected to a Senator of the FNM that started around of disinformation last week about the Leader Philip Davis and his law firm.  The PLP’s Chairman issued the following statement:

Responding To The Lies of The FNM By Their Social Media Trolls

For Immediate Release

21 April 2020

The FNM propaganda devils are busy tonight. These jackasses from one of these FNM propaganda sites are circulating and trying to make mischief about our leader.

On 15th April 2020, Philip Davis, Leader of the PLP, wrote this in his economic policy statement:

“The Government allowed the courts to shut down which meant that no commercial litigation is possible. In addition, the Government closed the departments responsible for payment of VAT on conveyances, the registration of legal deeds and documents including conveyances. Law firms cannot operate their businesses and this has in part resulted in the eight largest law firms in the country collectively laying off their ancillary staff and imposing cuts on their lawyers of 25 per cent.

“This is unfortunately a choice which was forced on my partners as well but I am still seeking to make the general point.

“The result of that was to shut down all commerce in the legal sector. “

Mr Davis announced that five days ago. Lawyers call it declaring one’s interest. It is the standard ethical thing to do when you are dealing with a matter which may involve oneself. But then this worthless FNM crowd know nothing about ethics.

These damn fools who work for the FNM have just now decided since their leader made a mockery of himself by attacking the business community are now trying to switch the subject.

PLPs we have a nation to save. Brave Davis is not the Prime Minister. Hubert Minnis is. Brave Davis is not the issue. Hubert Minnis us the issue.

We can’t help the FNM trolls if the Prime Minister made a fool of himself in public. That’s on him. He needed to declare his interest and explain why he fired those thousands of Bahamians and then wants to attack the business community for following his example.

Our Leader cares for all the people of this country.

So, my advice is delete their propaganda. Tell them go jump in the lake. I would use a word that begins with the sixth letter of the alphabet but I am too well bred to do so.