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Statement From Senator Fred Mitchell
Former MP Fox Hill
Chairman PLP

On The Passing of Monsignor Preston Moss

For Immediate Release

I have learned with deep sadness of the death of Monsignor Preston Moss just this afternoon. I considered him a friend and confidante from my early years to now.

In his public life he was a priest’s priest . He served the church faithfully and did not waver.

He was the protector of Fox Hill and it was my privilege to serve as the Member of Parliament during his time there. He was fully integrated into the community and knew how Fox Hill worked and what it took to motivate our people. When I visited the church St Anselm’s in my civic role, he treated me with the utmost public civility.

His life was a stellar example of how despite the burdens of personal physical frailty, you used whatever God gave you to the best of your ability.

At a personal level before his conversion to Roman Catholicism, my father Fred Sr was his godfather. He was an excellent cook and we shared many a meal when he ministered to the Kemp Road community at St Bede’s.

We have lost a great Bahamian. I have lost a good friend. Fox Hill has lost a protector. Rest in peace monsignor.