PLP Councillor Holly Pearce Barrett Slams FNM Eleuthera MP

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As I peruse the daily headlines as I do every morning, I came across this delightful article detailing the comments of the unfortunate MP for Central and South Eleuthera. This article carries as much worth as his fashion sense and worth two bags of puppy shit. No constituency in the Bahamas has seen the level of undeniable victimization and direct meddling into ability of “the small man” to provide for their families. This character has directly threatened and terminated the jobs and contracts of Constituents who didn’t support his bid for election. He has meddled in local government elections, he has bamboozled people into giving up their birthright for a mouse with no jobs in sight for another 4 years and surprisingly he is choosing to portray himself as a champion for the downtrodden…….. Hank please pick up ya big box and carry it. Your days are numbered….