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Senator Fred Mitchell, Party Chairman speaking at the Party’s Rally on Wednesday 16 January 2019 said the following:

We are on the cusp of year three in the term. Once we get over this hump, we know that the general election is near. This must then be a year of preparation. Many branches have accepted the instructions we sent out to begin looking for candidates for the next general election. I hope to convene a meeting in the not too distant future to speak to branch Chairs who will have the awesome task of distilling who the branch wishes to recommend to the National Party as a nominee for their constituency, subject the national party’s due diligence criteria.

I want to advise Branch Chairs that the decisions you will make and guide are quasi judicial decisions. You have a duty to act fairly toward everyone and not become a captive of anyone, particularly the first person who comes along. Everyone who expresses an interest in running in your areas should be given an opportunity to have access to the branch, its meetings and you must fairly and judiciously review their work, activities and reputation before making a recommendation to the Chairman of the Candidates Committee. The Branch chair must be neutral in these matters.

Those canvassing should not give the impression by the unauthorized use of PLP designed letters or the party symbols and colours that you are the endorsed party candidate.

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