PLP Leader Questions Jeffery Lloyd

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Questions Appearance of the Minister of Education Out Of Quarantine 

For Immediate  Release 

15 August  2020

Some public explanation is required from the Prime Minister, the so called Competent Authority,

for the apparent appearance at a food store this morning by the Minister of Education in the

official car accompanied by his wife.

Can the Prime Minister  confirm that the photographs circulating this morning at a food

store are indeed of the Minister?

Will the Prime Minister  confirm that the Minister is supposed to be in voluntary self-isolation

and quarantine as a result of a possible Covid 19 exposure?

Will the Prime Minister  confirm that the rule is that there should be one member of

a household when shopping in a food store?

Will the Prime Minister confirm that if these rules were not observed by the Minister

that this is in fact a breach of the Covid rules and the Minister is therefore bound to take

 a certain course?