PLP On Nassau Guardian Editorial (Candia Dames Does It Again)

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Statement From The Chairman Of The PLP

On Editorial Of The Nassau Guardian 30 January 2019

For Immediate Release

31 January 2019

On the same day that the Nassau Guardian’s Managing Editor Candia Dames wrote in her personally signed National Review piece that the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis was not ready for the big time, essentially dismissing the studied criticism by Mr. Davis of the poor performance of the Prime Minister’s annual address, the Nassau Guardian’s editorial said this:

“Dames [Marvin, the Minister of National Security] is the most qualified Minister of National Security we have had. He is a former Deputy Commissioner who was considered for the post of commissioner. In his current role, as the policymaker, he has a chance to shape and modernize the force.”

Coming from anyone else but the Nassau Guardian, the editorial and the opinion piece would be fair comment.

The point we have been making for the past 20 months since the general election of 2017 is that Candia Dames and the Nassau Guardian are journalistically ethically challenged. The editorial is a prime example: fulsome praise for the brother of the Managing Editor. This certainly then makes the comments by her suspect.

Rabid, unfair and ungrounded criticism of the Leader of the Opposition for no other reason it appears that he is PLP and the Guardian has an axe to grind.

The public is asked to ponder on these things when reading information in The Guardian.