PLP On Public Service Hiring

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Statement From The Chairman of the PLP
On The Public Service Hiring

For Immediate Release

16 April 2019

Following upon the statement of the party on the weekend about the hypocrisy of the FNM Public Service Minister’s statement about the rehiring of those disengaged who worked on contract, the PLP has been flooded with reports that the FNM Minister has not been frank with the Bahamian public about the government’s rehiring practices.

The reports which come to us indicate that there has been a general purging of the public service through this process, in that, all people on contract were let go, and the practice is now to re-engage only those that have been recommended by various FNM generals in constituencies in New Providence and throughout the family islands.

Administrators in the islands are being instructed to check the names of the re-hires with various generals before the rehiring process takes place.

This practice will not only hurt and undermine the public service, it is corrupt and downright illegal.

We again point out that this FNM government is rank with the discrimination which it practices against Bahamians who they suspect support the PLP.

They ought to be careful before there is not a revolt for deliberately taking bread out of the mouths of Bahamian citizens for their political beliefs.