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The following statement was issued by the Progressive Liberal Party after The Bahamas government’s representative failed to show up for the urgent debate at the U. N Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, the subject of which was racism and police brutality against people of African descent.  Following the PLP’s statement, the Government got its act together in a manner of speaking and delivered an insipid text at the final session of the meeting and at the last minute.  Too late said the professional people in the Ministry who were embarrassed that they were ready to go but had been given instructions by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nassau not to appear:

For Immediate Release

18 June 2020

The Progressive Liberal Party notes that the urgent debate on racism and police brutality has concluded at the United National Human Rights Council’s meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. There is no record that The Bahamas spoke or even bothered to show up to the meeting. There is a need for urgent clarification.

The Bahamas is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The urgent debate was called in the face of the reports of police brutality against Black Americans and systemic racism around the world. There have been protests around the world over the matter with calls for justice.

The Bahamas has said nothing on the subject and from all appearances said nothing at the meeting. It seems that The Bahamas did not find racism an important enough subject to even show up at the meeting. Not even a word to say we are against racism and we are against brutality by the police as a violation of human rights. The Bahamas government could not even say that.

Having secured a seat on the important United Nations Human Rights Council after an unsuccessful attempt in 2015, it was very surprising that The Bahamas government opted not to participate in the Council’s latest debate focusing on targeted institutional racism and the oppression of members of the African Diaspora.

This debate was sponsored by some 54 African member states of the United Nations. Many of them are our allies and voted to elect us on the Council.

What has The Bahamas come to, led by such a weak, craven and feckless FNM administration.

At the very least our citizens at home and abroad, the majority of whom are descendants of Africa deserve some quick and immediate answers for what appears to be a major default.