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Statement  From Senator Fred Mitchell 
Opposition Spokesman On Foreign Affairs 

For Immediate Release 

8 January 2020

The FNM  Government  must get its foreign affairs act together. When the US killed an Iranian general, the Foreign Minister of The Bahamas said that there were no implications for Bahamians. That was clearly  untrue. The PLP warned citizens of The Bahamas  about the possible impacts on our economy and our security.

Now days later the Foreign Minister is announcing that the government is beefing up security, with the Finance Minister warning the public about the implications to the wider economy. They clearly  contradict their initial assessment.

The government cannot approbate and reprobate at the same time on public policy. 

The Cabinet should speak in unity. 

By now the Foreign Ministry  under a PLP administration  would have done the following:

Advise our citizens travelling to the Middle East to avoid that area.

Bahamians travelling to or living in the Middle East would have been advised to take special precautions  and if possible to leave the area. The Bahamas Government would have assisted in their evacuation.

Bahamian citizens living in the US should be advised to take care, especially our students, not to involve themselves in any way in US domestic matters.

The Bahamas should join the international chorus led by the UN Secretary General  in an appeal for peace and restraint in that region. 

Announce a rise in the level of watch and surveillance.