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Last week instead of keeping quiet and their heads down, the phony environmental group led by the lawyer and the former preacher, known as the ventriloquist and his dummy, sent out a press release protesting their innocence and saying they were not involved in overthrowing with the collusion with foreign interests in Lyford Cay, the PLP government in the last general election. Their statement came after the PLP accused them in a press statement of being involved in the latest nonsense about Peter Nygaard and the PLP.  Here is the PLP’s official response Save The Bays:

21 February 2020

The phony environmental group Save The Bays issued a statement yesterday which claimed they are not an enemy of the PLP. They are telling an untruth. Not only are they an enemy of the PLP, they are a clear and present danger to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

One need only go back to the records of the House of Assembly where uncontroverted evidence was presented as a result of a whistle blower that their objectives were clearly political and they were used to funnel millions of dollars to destabilize the then Government of The Bahamas.

The record also shows that their legal advisor then went on to fund the FNM’s campaign and also to fund litigation which resulted in a bad judgment violating freedom of speech in the Bahamian parliament. Then the friends of the legal advisor who helped to fund the FNM back to power, conveniently dropped the appeal of the bad judgment which was sure to be overturned.

The statement by Save The Bays is too much protesting. No one believes a word of it.

What is necessary is a full confession of their wrong doings and collusion with the FNM and foreign forces. They should rid themselves of their legal advisor and his cockamamie and treasonous ideas. The Attorney General should revoke their license to operate as a non profit organization in this country.

They are shameless anti Bahamian collaborators and every PLP should shun them.