PLP Response To The National Review Attack On Leader Davis

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Photo by Peter Ramsay of interview with Giovanni Armbrister of Eyewitness News 2 May 2019 at St Mary the Virgin.

Statement from The Chairman of The PLP
On National Review The Nassau Guardian And The PLP
For immediate Release
1 May 2019

The propaganda mouthpiece of the Free National Movement, The Nassau Guardian,  continues with this claptrap this morning in its National Review piece that the PLP was wrong to score political points on the death of the marine at Government House. 

The arguments are stupid in the extreme. The PLP scored no political points. In fact, the PLP was the first to offer sympathy and to reach out to the family of the dead marine.

Of course the Nassau Guardian and the FNM never let the facts interfere with a good story. It is always amusing (if it were not so serious) how  The Guardian and the FNM can concoct any deceit in order to come up with their favourite line: “Let’s blame the PLP”.  

This is absolute foolishness!

A political party has the responsibility in Opposition to ensure that the state, the Government and especially this lying wicked FNM Government tells the truth about what happened. Legitimate questions were asked about the security of Government House by the PLP. These questions remain unanswered and we will continue to ask them, even as we grieve with the RBDF.

The information we have suggests that it is the policies of the FNM under the direction of National Security Minister Marvin Dames that may well have led to this unfortunate incident.

He must resign or be dismissed.

The only people who are making political points and making apolitical meal out of it are the Nassau Guardian and the Free National Movement.

Enough of this rubbish already.