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The following statement was issued by the Progressive Liberal Party in answer to a proposal being floated by a group connected to Brent Symonette, the former Minister, for the development of North Andros.

For Immediate Release

18 June 2020

The Progressive Liberal Party goes on record in its vigorous opposition to the possible foreign takeover of one of the remaining strategic deep water harbours in this region – Morgan’s Bluff in North Andros – and a proposed mining operation.

This proposed project is not environmentally sustainable given the shallow water table there; it is not in the public’s best interest; it is an insidious strategic national asset grab by FNM insiders and therefore a non starter.

The PLP does not support privatising the port at Morgan’s Bluff and therefore the shareholders in the Arawak Cay Port Development and the Cruise ship port should also not be allowed to add this to their ownership and control. Therefore, we urge all Bahamians of goodwill to insist that this FNM government reject this proposal.

The PLP however strongly supports the continued aggressive and further development of BAMSI as a viable vehicle to achieving food security and import replacement for a number of local staple food items. The Port at Morgan’s Bluff should remain a public good.

It is our proposal to bridge Andros from north to south and to ensure that all 106 miles of road are upgraded from north to south. This is in preparation for the emergence of Andros as the economic driver of our economy through agriculture and food production.

The proximity of Andros to one of the world’s largest barrier reefs presents boundless opportunities for further development of our blue economy.

Further, Andros is world renowned for it’s high quality fly fishing flats which again present entrepreneurial opportunities for Bahamians in the blue and eco tourism economies.

The government should be about the business of empowering Bahamians through facilitating synergies and sustainable strategic links for our people between the green and blue economies and our largest industry, tourism.