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( The Tribune claimed because of comments by former MP Leslie Miller and defeated candidate for Chair Obie Wilchcombe that there is a civil war in the PLP. The party issued this response — Editor)

Statement From The Chairman of the PLPOn Tribune Editorial 30 July about alleged civil war in The PLP

30 July 2019

For Immediate Release

The assertions made in The Tribune this morning that there is a civil war in the PLP are false. The party is more united than at any time since election 2017. The votes cast in the only contested election are empirical evidence that the party is fixed on the way forward.

It is easy to pick isolated quotes from individual members and turn them into sensational headlines. That after all is a useful device for selling papers but not an example of the reality within the party.

The fact is The Tribune is also wrong about females not being elected. Robyn Lynes, the Deputy Chair, is female and females were elected to the Leadership Council and as Vice Chairs. Kindly correct this error.

The axiom in this day in time is what happens in the party stays in the party. We also know that one hand can’t clap.

The Bible teaches us and us senior fellows all know the verse: there is a time to speak and a time for silence. The suggestion to those who cannot resist the thrill of a microphone is that this is one of those times for silence. The Tribune should not encourage the noise.