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The following statements were issued during the week about Marvin Dames  by the Progressive Liberal Party.  The party has called for Marvin Dames to resign or be dismissed:

Statement From The Chairman of The PLP
On Marvin Dames Attack On The PLP
For Immediate Release
24 May 2019

Marvin Dames should shut his mouth. The very nerve of him, a disgraced and judicially condemned minister of the government, who should resign or be dismissed, calling the Leader of the PLP’S conduct disgraceful.

Mr Dames sits in a corrupt government. It is corrupt to its core. His conduct is the prime example of that corruption in  the FNM. 

All of the experts including the human rights organizations believe that it would be advisable to have independent investigations of police conduct. How is that suggestion by Mr Davis disgraceful?

The only disgrace that we see is Mr Dames continued tenure as a Member of Parliament and the Minister of National Security.


Statement from the Chairman of the PLP
On Marvin Dames On The Police Shootings
For Immediate Release
22 May 2019

Clearly the Minister of National Security Marvin Marvin Dames is unaware of the biblical injunction in the book of Proverbs: there is a time for silence. Each day he opens his mouth, he shows why he got into trouble in the Frank Smith case where his conduct was condemned by the Magistrate. We call on him to resign or be dismissed. We think that his comment about the killing of the alleged bad boys was an interference in an otherwise purely police matter.

We support the police in any legitimate action. The Deputy Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle had already answered appropriately the complaints of the family members saying to them and the public that the appropriate legal forum to redress complaints of the kind they had was the Coroner’s Court. The Minister did not have to open his mouth. He put his big mouth in it and now it is transformed into a political matter in which the public and family may now question whether there was an instruction to the police from the Minister. Why would the Minister sully the matter in this way?

Bahamians are tired of crime. They want the bad boys off the street. They do not want police to be killed. However, most people want the law to be followed.

The PLP’S private polls tell us that two years into the FNM’S term and despite all their boasting about the figures that crime is down, Bahamians in New Providence see crime as the number one problem. So the FNM has failed to move the needle on this crime issue in the public’s mind.

Crime fighting is not a political matter. We remind Marvin Dames that he is not the Commissioner of Police. For God’s sake shut your damn mouth. Your comment shows not only interference in the work of the Force but a callous disregard for human life.

It shows a man at the political head of an organization who is willing to dismiss the death of people as doing what they had to do. We bless police and defence force officers every day for what they do for us. However, we are a country of laws.

One evening I was really surprised and pleasantly so when on a late night in Fox Hill I was dropping something off to my office and some folks were standing around me. Within minutes a police car showed up and the officers stopped to ask if all was well.

That’s the job of the police. They keep us all safe. Marvin Dames does not help the situation when he interferes in police matters. Please minister silence in this case is golden. Hush!


Statement From The Chairman of the PLP
For Immediate Release
22 May 2019

On Parliamentary Walkout On Marvin Dames

The PLP’s Parliamentary Team led by Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis left the chamber of the House of Assembly this morning during the time that Marvin Dames spoke in protest of the continued presence of Mr. Dames in the Cabinet.

The PLP calls again for him to resign or be dismissed. He stands judicially condemned because of his conduct in the Frank Smith case.