PLP Women Legislators Respond to Dick Lightbourn

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The following is a statement from The Hon. Melanie Griffin; The Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin; and The Hon. Hope Strachan:

Re: Lightbourn’s violation of women’s reproductive rights shocking and despicable.

We were shocked and disgusted to hear the offensive suggestion of Mr. Richard Lightbourn, M.P. for Montagu, that the State should cause for Bahamian women to be sterilized after giving birth to two (2) children to prohibit them from having any more children thereafter.

These despicable comments were made last night at the FNM Convention. While these kinds of outrageous comments have come to typify the positionings of Mr. Lightbourn, his comments last night show that he is unfit for public office and he should immediately apologize to all Bahamian women. In fact, he should tender his resignation from Parliament.

We condemn Mr. Lightbourn out rightly on behalf of every Bahamian woman.