PLPs All Hands On Deck

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There was an unfortunate foray into PLP bashing on Friday 15 October on the one radio talk show that seems to give the PLP a break.  We are talking about the Jones and Co Love 97 Programme, sildenafil Issues of The Day, best viagra hosted by Wendell Jones.   It was a rare moment and seemed inexplicable. The FNM if it comes to power will attack Mr. Jones with a vengeance and sink his effort so there is no point in doing anything to help their cause. Of course BPL, the power company, is not up to scratch, but we think that in this day in time when all PLPs should be on deck because we are in a war, the programme could have a more constructive subject rather than going after the self-indulgence of people who have been out of lights for two weeks, when others have lost their lives in Hurricane Matthew.