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12 May 2020

The Progressive Liberal Party releases for general information the note sent by the party to the Minister of Foreign Affairs:


I wish to copy you the excerpt from the statement of the Leader of the Opposition on Sunday 10 May 2020:
“We also ask the Government to explain how the Consul General in Miami Linda Mackey was allowed to board a repatriation flight to The Bahamas when she should be manning her post in Miami. We point out that a seat on the plane could have been used for another Bahamian who needs to come home.”

The press reported this morning the following statement from the Consul General: “I think everyone understand that we are teleworking”. The Consul General told the press she wasn’t sure what the criticism was all about.

In light of the above stated reports, I am to enquire on behalf of the Opposition whether or not you will give a public explanation of the facts of what transpired in the Consulate General in Miami with regard to the passage of Bahamians returning home? You will note that one passenger was Covid 19 positive, something which the Consul General took public responsibility for but blames a low level employee.

We are constrained to point out that when an officer makes an admission of responsibility, there is an act which should follow.

Further, are you able to confirm that the Consul General was authorized by you to leave her post in the middle of this crisis?

Thank you for your attention to these inquires.

Highest consideration

Senator Fred Mitchell JP
Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs

Nassau, The Bahamas

12 May 2020