PM Complaining To The U S President Makes No Damn Difference

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We had to laugh out loud when we read the report by Eyewitness News on line that the Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis when down in Inagua on 17 April has now changed his mind about the U.S. Travel Advisories. You will remember that when he went to that wasted meeting with Donald Trump back in February, there was a big hullabaloo about asking the U.S. President to look into the advisories issued by the U.S. State Department. So much for that. It accomplished fat nothing. Now that the U.S. has issued yet another advisory standing by their earlier one and also warning people about unenforced drink driving laws in The Bahamas, the Prime Minister now says that he understands the U.S. position, that the U.S. has a legal responsibility to protect their own citizens just as we have a responsibility to protect ours. You know Senator Fred Mitchell said it many times. Wonder what goes through the thick skulls of these people we have leading us. Problem is while they were Opposition, they were so blinded by hatred of Mr. Mitchell and the PLP that they heard and learned nothing. Stupid is and stupid does, we guess. The source of his comments appeared on the Eyewitness News site 18th April 2019.