PM’s Take On Ismerlian

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viagra sale sick times;”>The Prime Minister Perry Christie spoke to the Nassau Guardian on 13th  May and published on 14th May his take on the Bahmar Cable Beach project and the delays which are much in the news.  See our comment above LORD LET THE GOVERNMENT SAVE IZMERLIAN. Here is what the Prime Minister had to say in his own words:

viagra times;”>“ It is not my view that it is a money situation, that the financing has run out or that the Ismerlian family is without money.

“ This is not the issue.  I think the parties got caught into two very strong positions that represented the developer, the Izmirlian, wanting to have a certain date to finish and the contractors wanting to have payments, installment payments, toward being able to arrive at a date, that they can finish, and so clearly they needed to have an intermediary talking to both of them and the strongest intermediary you can have is those who represent the people of the country.

On Ismerlian Anti Government Comments at the Chamber Of Commerce delivered last month, the Prime Minister said: “ This is a family interest [the investment in Bahamar], and so I think he allowed frustrations to overtake him and to say some things on reflection he ought not to have said and most certainly I would have wished for him not to have said, but having said it, we have passed that stage now.”