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The FNM Government acts as if the uniformed services are machines. Every week they are making up one thing or another to enforce or not enforce the curfew orders which they sit around that Cabinet table and make up willy nilly.  It simply doesn’t work that way. First you have to be aware that  every time you make an order that order has to be understood. Then with this FNM crew before the police and others can understand one order, the FNM Government changes the order. There is no one place where you can look to find all the orders. Then there is the fatigue factor.  The pressure of their own families and their own worries, the long hours.  The police are on edge, the people are on edge and the more complicated you make their life, the more tension sets in.  We can see the signs of fatigue on their faces and in their actions.  The police are getting more testy and  getting into too many arguments with the population at large. The Government should be aware of this and try to manage what is happening better than they are before someone snaps. The example we always use is the revolt against the Shah of Iran in 1979.  He thought he could simply order the troops to put down the demonstrations against him but in the end, the soldiers simply refused to carry out the orders.  They were not going to be shooting their friends and family. Nuff said.