Police Staff Association’s Idle Complaints

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generic cialis discount times;”>image001Instead of worrying about fighting crime, viagra buy the Police Staff Association has been engaged over the past months and weeks in arguments about perks for themselves and their friends on the Force.  The Head of the Staff Association Dwight Smith sees himself it appears as head of union.  He took the government to court over a false claim for overtime.  The judge upheld their complaint in a way but it was a pyrrhic victory because the police commissioner was already giving them time back anyway in issue of their working the 12 hours shift. 

Minister of State Keith bell say they are appealing the matter in any event.  The latest now is they are accusing the Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade of having an ulterior motive in making them move out of their offices and get back to real policing.   The Association is crying foul saying that this is to get back at them for the trouble they have allegedly caused the Commissioner. First of all the Commissioner was not caused any trouble at all.  Secondly, retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Thompson said it right.  They had no business being in the office anyway.  They should get their behinds out and start working instead of collecting money from private work and distributing it to their friends. 

Look, the Commissioner of Police disbanded the Police Band to put them into crime fighting so why can’t the Police Staff Association.  Stop complaining and go be policemen and women.