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Dr. Hubert Minnis has had a bad week.  The rumour mill was a swirl of just those rumours.  He was gone, no he wasn’t gone.  His colleagues were not shy about making their views known to the public.   Frank Watson, the former FNM Deputy Prime Minister to Hubert Ingraham, who has been the most vocal, demurred when asked if Dr. Minnis should resign for meeting Bobo and Toogie, the two who cooked up a scheme to off Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard’s nemesis Louis Bacon and who Mr. Bacon got to say so in print and then Mr. Nygard got them to recant.   Turns out Dr. Minnis had met Toogie and didn’t tell the party.  He met him three times and like Michael Pintard, the hapless Chairman, who resigned in disgrace the week before, Dr. Minnis did not tell the police about what he knew either.  In any event, the police may soon find out, since Bobo and Toogie have both emerged from their hiding places and are under arrest so said the Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade last week. They can’t hold them for more than 96 hours, so we will see whether they get charged with anything.  Meanwhile, Dr. Minnis’ hold on the party never looked so shaky.   Michael Scott and his white people were apoplectic.  They want him gone by month’s end. Problem is he has a stronghold on the party’s council at the moment and they can’t move him. They also can’t move him in the Parliamentary group because they don’t have the numbers.  Make no mistake about it; Dr. Minnis will have to use all the street smarts he has to stay in post.  The rich and powerful folk mean to see him gone.   The latest to weigh in was Cassius Stuart.  You remember him.  He hasn’t been heard of since, he abandoned his own party and joined the FNM, even though he is the son-in-law of a PLP minister, and  reaffirmed his support for the FNM but said Dr. Minnis had to go. That was all Candia Dames of The Nassau Guardian needed to hear. It made the front page of the Nassau Guardian.  Poor Dr. Minnis, every dog, puss and sow is piling on.