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The Bahamian people got a little chuckle last week when the news started circulating that Zimbabwe’s President had fired their energy minister because of the long power cuts in Zimbabwe.  They wondered if they did that in Zimbabwe of all places, what happened here in The Bahamas.  No such luck. Desmond Bannister, the Minister of Works, remains in place as does the same incompetent team at Bahamas Power and Light. Every day, there are three hour power cuts throughout the main capital island of New Providence. The public is near the end of their tether on this. We have run out of jokes.  Soon we think push will come to shove.  To add this, the news is that the team at Bahamas Power and Light aren’t getting along.  Donavan Moxey is the cat watching the cheese for the Prime Minister.  He is increasingly at odds with Whitney Heastie who is the CEO.  Get this the news is the folk who came in to help set things right from Philadelphia are going to be asked to stay on for as long as two years.  The brother of the Prime Minister Cyril “Boxer” Minnis is also helping them out with some welding work.  All in the family.