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The PLP supporters and the general business community was outraged by the fact that a barge owned by the family of Ricky Mackey, the Member of Parliament for the North Eleuthera constituency which includes Harbour Island cut the power cable which leads to Harbour Island, plunging that island in darkness in the middle of the tourist season’s height.  This happened on Monday 22 December 2019.  Power was out for five days with no relief in sight.  It got so bad that the  Ramora Bay Hotel wrote a letter to the Prime Minister to say that they had no choice but to close the resort and send the guests home. This is another sign of the hapless and hopeless nature of the FNM.  When the press spoke to the MP Mr. Mackey he had nothing to say about his family’s involvement.  This is the same barge that is reportedly owned by the company which runs the garbage dump which happens to be run by his brother.  This is the FNM government for you. Power was finally restored on Boxing Day.

The Progressive Liberal Party issued the following statement:

For Immediate Release

26 December 2019

The Bahamas Power and Light Company and the FNM Government must restore power to Harbour Island forthwith. Reportedly, the power has been off since Monday 22 December 2019.

The report which appears in the BPL Facebook page is said by some Brilanders to be wholly inaccurate and disingenuous.

The residents in that community that rely heavily on tourism are questioning what the Member of Parliament for North Eleuthera, Ricky Mackey, knows about this prolonged power failure and why he has not spoken out publicly on this matter and taken aggressive steps to address this in the middle of Harbour Island’s busiest season. 

The lights must be restored.