Pintard Is Lost If He Thinks There Is An Early Election

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best viagra cialis times;”>Michael Pintard is supposed to be the new face of the Free National Movement and its Leader Hubert Minnis, part of the team that will unseat Perry Christie and the PLP in the next election.  What would be good though is if the new team would not be politically delusional.  Last week, the Chair of the FNM Mr. Pintard forecasted that the country could expect a snap election in 2016 in his defence of the party’s decision not to hold a national convention this year.  So he told The Tribune

Where on earth did he get that from or as the kids would write on Facebook “WTF”? 

Try being honest with yourselves.  The reason the present Leader of the FNM Hubert Minnis will not hold a convention this year is that he does not want to face a challenge from Loretta Butler Turner, nor a rearguard action of Hubert Ingraham and Frank Watson.  We don’t blame him mind you.  We said elsewhere on this site that he must stand his ground.  But it sounds like another thing he needs to tell his Chairman is not to talk crap about early elections when that is nowhere in the cards and speak truth instead to power. The scandals, he says, that will force the PLP are only in his vivid imagination.  A word of unsolicited advice: don’t believe your own propaganda.  That is an elementary mistake which leads to sorrow and a vale of tears.