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19 September
The following statement was delivered to the High Level Summit On Migration at the United Nations by the Prime Minister Perry Christie

“The Bahamas remains in line with regulations put forth by the UN’s High Commissioner for “Refugees (UNHCR), discount viagra with a view to adequately screen migrants to determine whether they are at risk of persecution in their country of origin.

“Local immigration officials are receiving ongoing training in this regard.

“All interdicted migrants seeking asylum, viagra sale are interviewed by immigration officers trained by the UNHCR
“The government of the Bahamas and the UNHCR have engaged in regular dialogue, enabling any national asylum assessments to be shared with the UNHCR and, where necessary, advisory opinions are requested.

“Similarly, The Bahamas cooperates with the International Organisation of Migrants with whom it has a memorandum of understanding.

“We must be mindful of positive contributions that can sometimes flow out of aspects of migration.
The islands of the Bahamas have grown more aware of the good that can derive from migration.

“Indeed regular migration yields considerable benefits to both sending and receiving countries. Such benefits include: economic development, cultural cross-fertilisation, and the promotion of state-to-state cooperation in the management of matters of common concern.

“At the same time, however, it is imperative that we move in earnest towards the development of a comprehensive approach to irregular migration, especially focusing on the underlying causes that motivate so many persons to resort to desperate and dangerous measures in search of better opportunities in other countries.
“…The Bahamas continues to experience large mixed migration from within, and outside, of the region,

“While our history clearly demonstrates, as I have already indicated, the value that can accrue from the many and varied contributions of documented migrants, we are still challenged by the disproportionately large and continual influx of undocumented migrants, the majority of whom arrive from regional source countries.

“In this regard, our immigration policies are designed to best protect the national security interests and social welfare of The Bahamas, while respecting the human rights and dignity of migrants and refugees. The Bahamas is fully committed to the implementation and promotion of migrant-related mandates of international and regional agreement, to which it is a state party.

“Successive governments in the Bahamas have enacted legislative and policy measures aimed at providing protection and support to regular and irregular migrants alike, including refugees, entering the country.

“The country has historically provided free public healthcare and education to all persons within the country, irrespective of status; in addition to the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the Bahamas’ Constitution that are extended to all “persons”, not just citizens and regularised migrants.

“We also have regulations to facilitate the orderly and expeditious processing of detained migrants and to ensure their protection while in detention. The Bahamas also continues its practice of non-custodial arrangements for eligible irregular migrants, including minors and those persons protected under relevant legislation and regulatory guidelines.

“While The Bahamas does receive a disproportionately high number of undocumented, non-asylum seeking migrants, our interdiction and immigration forces are cognisant that vulnerable persons may sometimes be included in migratory inflows.”