Prime Minister Giving Out Land In Inagua

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So there was a flurry of activity in the south of the country as the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis continued to use public funds to promote the FNM.  In other words, the Treasury is being used to campaign.  How about this?  There was a little substation for the police in Rolleville, Exuma.  The Prime Minister and his retinue, including his Communications Director flew down to Exuma to pronounce the new sub station open. He has got his eyes on winning Exuma.  Nothing happening though.  Chester Cooper MP had earlier released a scathing statement about the lack of repairs and mobilization for the opening of schools in Exuma for the fall.  Ragged Island is still in a virtual state of collapse despite numerous promises on trips like the very one the Prime Minister was making through the south.  Then he is making a valiant effort to save the MP for Mical, the Miss “ I Can’t Pronounce My Words” Miriam Emanuel. He took her to Inagua on Wednesday 7th August 2019 gave out five parcels of crown land to various supporters in Inagua.  He said more to come.  The people in Inagua were not impressed.  The Prime Minister should be trying to fix the issues with Morton Salt which refuses to treat with its employees and threatening to shut the only employment in Matthew Town down.  That’s what people wanted to hear.  Next morning, the Prime Minister was winging his way to Nassau, the photo op done. Oh well! Mission not accomplished.