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On Friday 25 July 2020, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis panicked and announced a series of measures which will restrict the movement of the Bahamian people for God knows how long and that will contract the economy even further.  He is full of himself and therefore full of something else that rhymes with “bit” but it is the Bahamian people who have to suffer for the rank incompetence.  This he says all has to do with Covid 19. We don’t believe him. We do not accept it,

In the House of Assembly and in the Senate, he has a group of tin soldiers who comply with his every wish and fancy.  The country meanwhile is going down the tubes.  They all sat on their fannies when the vote was called and agreed to bottle up the Bahamian people again.

We do to support this man and his governance and these new rules that he has put in place which will further inconvenience the country, without any discernible benefit.

The rules have been put in place because he made one stupid mistake after the next in opening up the economy of The Bahamas without putting in place the proper protocols.

Since he closed the borders of the country because of that mistake he made of allowing people to leave the country for 72 hours without the requirement of a Covid 19 test,  he has had to walk that back because as we pointed out last week, he forgot that there are international agreements which govern air travel. The U.S. has an open skies agreement with our country. So if you ban their airlines, then  they can ban yours. It was so simple and yet stupidly, he did it.

We hope that the Bahamian people now see that when you elect a stupid man to the office of Prime Minister, it is twice as hard to remove him.  In the interim, we all suffer. It is hard to suffer this fool gladly.