Progress Under Brave Davis

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By Brian Seymour

PLP Fact check on Brave Davis

PLP leader Brave Davis has had to play the part of a Nehemiah having first to fight off insiders in the PLP who believe they have a Legacy right to become members of parliament. Under this new, and more democratic system of selection of candidates, branches have been given more say on who should run their areas; as opposed to sucking up to who the leader is, for a nomination.

The PLP has modernized its Constitution that will make the organization more democratic. This will mark the third time in three years, a convention is being held, and all positions become vacant. This is in comparison to a 9-year break from conventions. Change is, indeed, hard to accept.

Branches have been organized, and meetings are held Country Wide, monthly. Meetings start on time. Training for branch offices, and branch members are ongoing.

Training modules for potential members of parliament, and government board members have taken place. A first-of-its-kind in the country.

The refurbishing of PLP house, Nassau, is where press conferences are held on a monthly basis by the leader and his team.

The opening of PLP house in Freeport has facilitated a greater presence on the Island of Grand Bahama.

The Leadership team of Davis, Cooper, Mitchell, Lynes, and Cartwright have a Common Thread. They all believe in time, an in the face of adversity, defending the PLP brand. The Davis team can be trusted to keep, and honor, their word.

Brian Seymour.