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Some people in The Bahamas are in a state of frenzy because of a documentary they put together by the activist and preacher Lincoln Bain about the aragonite resources in The Bahamas. It appeared on the television station Eyewitness News om Friday 16 October 2020. We ask people to take this stuff with a grain of salt, plenty salt. This idea that the aragonite mining was somehow given away at a  song to foreign investors is not all that it appears and people are being sold snake oil on this. What is clear is that the United Bahamian Party government signed a lease  with Marcona to mine aragonite. The PLP assumed the government and found the mining operation in place. There must have been cogent reasons why it continued. The fact is today there is no aragonite mining in The Bahamas.  The site Ocean Cay that  was the staging post for the mining is now to be a tourist resort owned by the shipping firm MSC. The snake oil salesmen though are saying that the UBP and the PLP gave away the resources of the country. We again warn people tread carefully here. All is not what the people pushing this propaganda say it is. They are all associated with  conspiracy theories that inevitably prove to be baseless and groundless.  The PLP changed the royalty regime for the mining of salt in Inagua. That is a fact that can be proved.  The FNM cancelled the changes. So ire must directed where it should. We need to change the government  We agree that the question of our natural resources must be carefully examined but what these people pushing is nonsense.