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So now last week, the FNM trolls were all up in arms because the Leader of the Opposition argued that liquor stores should be reopened. The point he was making had to do with the fact that one of the FNM’s benefactors had a liquor store out west and they were doing a rip  roaring business while everyone lese was closed. The question was whether this was fair in the circumstances. The morality police reacted that Mr. Davis was wrong, well because they were stimulated in their righteous indignation by the FNM trolls. What a phony society we are.  First all, no one in their right mind believes that drinking has stopped because of this idle proclamation. People are just buying under the counter with  the government getting no revenue. Silly of the government on that score alone.  Secondly, the professionals said that there were many people, more than we know, who are alcohol dependent and withdrawal would  cause more tension in the homes.  The case was there for all sorts of reasons why the liquor stores should be opened.  The Nassau Guardian quoted Rochelle Basden, the Deputy Director of psychological services at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, “Withdrawal from alcohol is a serious thing. It’s a medical condition. It can develop into delirium tremens, or what we commonly refer to as DTs, requiring medical attention.” So there it is.