Public Accounts Committee

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PAC Chair Hubert Chipman MP


Last week, viagra nurse the law was almost not followed again.  The Public Accounts Committee said that it wanted to subpoena the Co-Chairs of the Urban Renewal Commission Algernon Allen and Cynthia “ Mother” Pratt on the grounds that they had refused to attend the sessions of the Committee to answer questions about a report on Urban Renewal by the Auditor General.  It turns out that they didn’t have the power to do so.  The Speaker Kendal Major went public and suggested that he had the power to summon the Co-Chairs.  As we pointed out in this column last week, the power resides in the House where the majority decides what will and will not be enforced in that department if people refuse to come.  There are no circumstances under which the PLP government should support any subpoenas for these two people. The coercive power of the House should only be exercised where there is a willful refusal to comply.  That is not the situation in this case.  The pre-conditions and the lawful basis of the enquiry of the PAC has to be established first.  Otherwise the acts of summoning people are unlawful.  The Speaker when he received the AG’s  legal opinion on the matter pronounced himself shocked to The Tribune on Friday 24th April.