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Chairman of the Public Disclosure Commission Bishop Victor Cooper

So the press of record The Guardian and The Tribune are in a feeding frenzy about the Public Disclosure Act and the fact that some MPs were found not to have disclosed. Well let’s put it this way, the Chair of the Public Disclosure Commission told the press that some MPs didn’t know that they had to disclose by 1 March 2022.  That’s a bit odd since all PLP MPs went through a module which told them what they had to do in public life.  Nevertheless some of them answered the press inquiries and said their omissions were due to inadvertence.  The Tribune and The Guardian were huffing puffing about this all week. Fred Mitchell MP for Fox Hill and Minister for Foreign Affairs said in his voice note that one time, he would have entertained the press in their enquiries but they are too duplicitous and deceitful.  During the FNM’s time in office, not a peep about the fact that there was no public disclosure by the Commission of those who had complied but now they are hassling the PLP.  He told them do find out the best way you can whether he did or not.