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The Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest was as they say in Trinidad “ playing de ass” in the House of Assembly when he started an intervention attacking the Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell.  He said that Senator Mitchell was always going up to Grand Bahama every weekend; he wasn’t quite sure why Senator Mitchell was going there, but  Senator Mitchell was saying throw money on the ground in Grand Bahama. Well first Senator Mitchell did not say “ throw money on the ground in Grand Bahama”.  He always urges the Government to “ put money on the ground in Grand Bahama”.  Now the Deputy Prime Minister is very well aware of what that expression means.  It means that he must find a way to add cash or liquidity to the lower economic strata in Grand Bahama.  The island is starving of cash and there is no work.  His attitude is amazing, given that he is one of five MPs for Grand Bahama elected by the Free National Movement.     He has done nothing for his constituents except to preach the gospel of austerity.  We think this is a serious mistake and he will soon find out why Senator Mitchell is spending so much time in Grand Bahama.