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REGISTRATION for the 2016 Susan G Komen Bahamas Race for the Cure began 1st October to a special musical backdrop as the event’s first official anthem was unveiled. “Save The World (Susan G Komen Bahamas Race for the Cure)” was created and donated by Visage Band Bahamas members, viagra canada sick Wendi Lewis and Dyson Knight. Anwar McDonald helped to write the song and Frederick Seymour produced it.

The Tribune reported the following:

That the event, cialis canada which is now in its sixth year, will be held on 16 January and lead sponsor and organiser, Sunshine Insurance (Agents & Brokers) Ltd, held a launch party at the company’s Shirley Street office.

Sunshine Insurance Vice President of Development, ailment Dwayne Swaby, explained his company is proud to have the Komen race as part of its Sunshine Insurance Race Weekend.

“It was former US Ambassador to The Bahamas, Ned Siegel, along with his wife, Stephanie who assisted us in getting the race series,” said Mr. Swaby. “During Ambassador Siegel’s tenure here, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. While being treated, clinic she was alarmed at the number of Bahamian women – particularly young women – who were plagued with breast cancer, so she decided to do something about it.

“She founded the Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative Foundation, which is dedicated to genetic testing so that researchers can find out why our women are being plagued with the disease. We were fortunate to maintain our relationship with the Siegels and it was through their efforts with the BBCIF and our race weekend event that we secured the Komen series. Today, it remains an important event on many people’s calendars, locally and internationally.”

Willie Moss, a breast cancer survivor for more than 20 years and the chairperson of Susan G Komen Bahamas Race for the Cure, stressed the severity of breast cancer in The Bahamas.

“While the statistics in the US are readily available, they are not as readily available here in The Bahamas. But, I can tell you that for every nine women in The Bahamas who have been diagnosed with breast cancer one man has been diagnosed with breast cancer. These are really startling statistics and that is something we really need to get a handle on,” she said.

“The more that you participate, the more help we will have to assist those support groups, to purchase the kind of equipment that can provide us with the testing that we need, to set up the registries that we need, to educate the young people – especially our young women – because breast cancer in young women in The Bahamas is more prevalent than anywhere else in the world.”

President of Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group, Andrea Sweeting encouraged local residents to register for the event. “We want you to know that you will make a difference, regardless of who you are and where you are, because once you register, you make it a point to help a woman who needs your assistance. We are thankful to Komen Bahamas Race for the Cure as well as Marathon Bahamas for everything they have done. Because of their help and assistance, anybody can be a part of this,” she said.

Dyson Knight of Visage, one of the creators of the new Komen Bahamas Anthem, said he felt privileged when approached to create the song. “It was an honour and pleasure for Chakita (Archer) and Rogan (Smith) to contact me and say that they were interested in Visage creating a song. I felt encouraged by their attitudes. When they approached me, they were energised; they were ready to go to battle. As an artist, our job is to translate emotions into music and translate stories into lyrics in ways that people can understand. That’s what we wanted to do with this song,” he said.

Frederick Seymour, the song’s producer, said he tried to evoke a feeling of hope and encouragement within the melodies and chords. “We [wanted to give] encouragement to those battling and racing to win across that finish line,” he said.

Organisers are giving away a gift for every 25th person who registers online. Those who register by November 30 also will be eligible to win the grand prize, a dinner for four at Atlantis Paradise Island.

• To register for Komen Bahamas, visit komenbahamas.org.