Ralph Gonsalves Wins Again In St Vincent

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best viagra times;”>Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell with Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves at the rally last Sunday 6th December at the new jet port, which is a first for St Vincent built by Dry Gonsalves’ Government, who was then now seeking a 4th consecutive term. Dry Gonsalves flew into the airport on a LIAT ATR to show the Opposition that the port could take the size plane. Many people including the PM Gonsalves were moved to tears by this first for St Vincent. On 9th December, Dr. Gonsalves won the fourth term. The Bahamas Government sent congratulations.


10th December 2015

Bahamas government congratulates the new government of St. Vincent and The Grenadines

(via the Bahamas Information Services)
The government and people of The Bahamas extend congratulations to Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his Unity Labour Party (ULP) on the occasion of their electoral victory at the polls in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines yesterday.

From all indications, the general elections were free, fair, peaceful in nature and without incident or controversy where the free will of the Saint Vincent people were expressed; yesterday’s election results represent a clear victory for democracy which remains alive and well.

We wish the new government of Saint Vincent well as Dr. Gonsalves embarks on his fourth consecutive term of governance.

NHI Stumbles To A Conclusion

National Health Insurance is a simple, uncomplicated idea, which the PLP has been trying to get done for nearly ten years now. It is clear that the present system of paying for health care cannot be sustained and that insurance is the way to go. The PLP through a terrible and lousy information campaign has not yet found a way to get the programme off the ground. The Government has promised that it is to come into force on 1st January. There is no sign to the public that the country is anywhere near ready. It must be done but some of its own members like Minister of State Damien Gomez castigated the government for a bad public relations programme saying that no one knows what is happening with it. We agree. Every once in a while there is some statement in the press saying this is coming, that is coming but no comprehensive overview of the days, dates, times and cost. The most recent salvo is that some 100 million dollars is to be allocated for it next year. This must improve. NHI must come and the insurance industry and the brokers and whoever else including the business community must not be allowed to derail it. The last piece of heavy lifting before the referendum next year on women’s equality. For Christ’s sake let’s get this done. Enough already.