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The man who lied on the PLP and led a group of people in black shirts called WE MARCH and is now in the Senate for helping Hubert Minnis get elected on a big fat lie, has had a rather colorful political career so far.  Quite apart from talking out of both sides of his mouth, he got himself in a bit of trouble for exaggerating his role in a robbery at a local pizza joint. Turns out he played no part in foiling the robbery at all but his take was that he was the super hero in the event. He became the laughing stock as a result.  Now he looks like he is in hot water, the press published a notice on 5 December 2019 that said he  owed the Education Laon Authority money for his student loan. He responded by saying it ain’t so.  But the press insists that they have the evidence that he owes 100k and hasn’t paid.