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Pictured with Sen. Mitchell is the wife of Raynard, Alexis Rigby and the children; Zarah, Ziah and Zayne.  Rhyan, the oldest child, is missing from the photo.

If you wanted an example of a fine young man, well not so young anymore at 49, but one certainly in the prime of his life; a Black upwardly mobile Bahamian male, then Raynard Rigby is certainly the quintessential example.  He celebrated his birthday at his home on Chancery Lane off the Eastern Road. This is the place where as a young kid growing up in Yellow Elder, he dreamed of living and now he lives his dream.  The night was shining as well. The full moon shone over the Montagu Bay and you could look at it from the slope where the hill sits at the calmness of the Bahamian sea.  Life looks good.  With him were three of the children of the family and his wife Alexis who put together a stunning party with the brightest and best in the country surrounding them all. The fourth child Rhyan who is in fact the oldest but not there at the time of the photo. The stuff of magic was there. You have to forgive the effusiveness but this is what the PLP worked to create and the question is why aren’t there more stories like this and why aren’t more young Black men who are in the position PLPs.  But congratulations on making it to the top and the wish and expectation for many, many more.  The photos are by Peter Ramsay.