RBC Has To Change Its Policies

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generic cialis help times;”>Letter writer Coleen Dunkley to The Tribune again wrote to complain about bad service from the Royal Bank of Canada,  This is just one of a number of issues. The Bank is the object of the ire of Bahamians because it now charges people who are not their customers 10 dollars to cash a non RBC cheque.  This works a hardship on poor people who don’t have bank accounts, and of course since  RBC is the government’s bankers many people end up getting paid by cheque and having to take ten dollars to get their money.  This is shameful.  Ms. Dunkley’s letter appears below:

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Last week you were kind enough to publish my letter regarding the level of service experienced by myself and many others at Royal Bank of Canada. Please allow me a few lines to provide an update…

Early Friday evening, I received a call from one of the Area VP’s of RBC with regards to my ongoing problems with the bank. After delivering the usual platitudes and accepting responsibility for “dropping the ball with RBC service”, she assured me that the bank was diligently working to correct their shortcomings and she would like to have my account manager and the branch manager come to see me Monday at my convenience to meet with me and smooth over any bad feelings, etc.

A time of 11am was set and the VP assured me that should this time prove problematic for either, they would call and arrange another time.

This is Monday morning, the appointment was 11am. I received no call. 11am came and went. At 11:21am, the account manager showed up by herself, without the branch manager.

This is exactly what I was stating – RBC does not care about their customers, nor do they live what they speak.

If RBC was sincere about smoothing over the issues and delivering customer service, that account manager and the branch manager would have arrived either early or at the very least, on time.

They have cell phones, but I assume they only work for important things like friends and family, obviously not customers and courtesy.

So RBC let me assure you – you have not smoothed over anything – you have made the situation worse and proven once again, the customer definitely doesn’t come first, second or even a poor third…we’re way down at the bottom.



November 16, 2015.

PS:- I would add the Area VP has always been responsive and kind in our dealings together. Too bad her staff continue to let her down each and every time.