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Church of God Joe Farrington Road

This is what Robert Perpall, the brother of the slain officer said at the funeral of Philip Perpall in his own words as reported by the Nassau Guardian:

“Church, I want you to know I had a brother.
He had five children: Maleek, Miguel, Lakell, Michaella and Latoya. My brother took a bullet for each of his children.

This is a national disaster.

This is mutiny from within the ranks with no instantaneous reactions from his colleagues, a demoralizing blow to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

It can be seen as a terrorist act, a serious security breach questioning their system integrity, and the appearance of a cop out with the hope that it will quickly go away.

This family is watching. The nation is watching. The world is watching…

My brother’s senseless death must have some purpose and must have some meaning.

God requires us to give thanks in all things.

This is a hard one, but as a family we must take heed and be obedient.

There must be a clarion call for a thorough investigation into his death and the matters arising. But there are some shortcomings, including security systems, and operational procedures also at the morgue, which hurt our family…

But he told me many senior officers and many junior officers, they did their own thing and kisses went by favour…

This same defence force sent him out to repair Bahamian citizens in distress.

When he went on the Family Islands, people knew good work. People knew quality people and it was those same people who came back and insisted for him to work for them.

The defence force banished him and threw him on extra mop duties and detention duties while others, not so decorated, were put forth…

This same defence force gave me and my sister a hard fight in 1988 when we came to you to ask you to let him out of the training to mourn his mother’s death..

He was in training and they thought maybe he was going to jump ship, but mummy died in the middle of that training. She never knew him as a defence force officer.

He felt slighted that he was not standing by during mummy’s final minutes.”