Reece Chipman Resigns From Public Accounts Committee

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Centreville Member of Partliament Reece Chipman gives his contribution inside of the House of Assembly yesterday.

Reece Chipman Resigns From Public Accounts Committee

Statement From The Chairman Of The PLP

On Reece Chipman’s Resignation From Public Accounts Committee

For Immediate Release
24 January 2019

The PLP welcomes the recognition by Reece Chipman MP that the Minnis Government which he supports is the major part of the problem we face in this country today. Having said what he said, the country is asking what is the next and most logical step from where Mr. Chipman now is?

There are two major political forces in this country: the PLP or the FNM.

There are some results which must follow naturally from Mr. Chipman’s condemnation of the Government and also the institution the House of Assembly:

They would seem to be:
Resignation from the House of Assembly
Joining the Progressive Liberal Party
Or Working within the House with the PLP to remove the FNM and help the PLP gain victory in the next general election.
With the greatest respect to Mr. Chipman, the problem is not the institution the House of Assembly, the problem is that men and women when they see wrong try to make it right. The problem is the craven, supine and cowardly behaviour of those who know better but say and do nothing so as to remain in power. Mr. Chipman has a chance to leave the ranks of those craven individuals who run the FNM and take another honourable course. We have listed them above.
Young people should not be discouraged about the institutions but instead learn courage and know when it is your time on the stage to do the right thing.

He now says he is going to stick with the FNM. We hope for his sake they stick with him.

We say to Mr. Chipman that this not a Hamlet moment: to be or not to be. This is a time for action. Be brave!