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Free National Movement MP Reece Chipman told the House of Assembly how hard it is to make ends meet under the FNM. He spoke on Thursday 13 June during the budget debate. Here is what he said in his own words as reported by Jasper Ward of the Nassau Guardian:

” When the cost of living continues to increase, unemployment rises and crime becomes unpredictable, you get frustrated,” Chipman said during his contribution to the budget debate on Thursday.
“Mr. Speaker, our nation is frustrated. When churches need politicians to get a piece of land and when your promotion or salary increase depends on your politics you become frustrated. This frustration impacts your home life because you need to find another job to help make ends meet.
“Public servants must become security guards and housekeepers on the side to make up their salaries, and therefore not enough time to bring up our Bahamian children.”
He said the public’s frustration is taking a toll, predicting that “we will become even more frustrated as the reality of how we got here sinks in”.
The Centreville MP said the government’s 2019/2020 budget was not one that supports Bahamians.
“How, Mr. Speaker, does one support a budget that does not support them?” he asked.
“But we do, and we accept, and we groan, and we accept, and we cry, and we accept, and we are sickened, and we accept.”
Chipman added, “How do you support an organization that does not support you? How does a Bahamian, how does a Bahamas, support people who do not support them? Very interesting, but an ironic concept that holds its roots in the disturbances of the politics of people.”