Renward Wells Out Of PLP What’s App Group

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cialis buy viagra times;”>image037It appears that Renward Wells MP (PLP) may be forced to make a decision soon about whether he is fish or fowl.  On 13th July, buy viagra the administrator of one of the PLP What’s App groups had had enough.  As the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham likes to say: “Monkey will soon put question to he ma” Mr. Wells equivocated about whether he was fish or fowl and out of the group he went.  The administrator said he had had enough.   In the meantime and on the same day, Mr. Wells chose in The Tribune having spoken to them on 12th July to attack the PLP’s swift justice programme, based on a murder that happened in his constituency.   He said he would soon reveal whether he is going to remain the PLP or leave. We won’t wait with bated breath.