Renward Wells The New Minister of Health.. Head of The Idiot Class

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For the man who promised to go wherever Hubert Minnis leads and to follow slavishly and who bowed down to him as he was leaving the country once, comes the news that he is the new Minister of Health .  His name is Renward Wells. He is not a doctor and he was quick to point out after his swearing in that a doctor is not needed  to be health minister. Fair enough.  But the  social media people were not too kind to him. They said one of the reasons that his lips were swollen as for sucking Dr. Minnis’ ass.  Figuratively speaking that is.  At least we hope so.  That is what qualified him for Minister of Health more than anything else, they said. Mr. Wells is fond of quoting scripture.  As we know Shakespeare said even the devil can quote scripture.  But Mr. Wells started off his tenure in the House of Assembly by saying as the Minister of Health that fighting the virus is like fighting Satan. Go to the head of the idiot class.