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viagra canada there times;”>This was reported by Ricardo Wells of The Tribune

On 6th November, The Tribune showed the constituency offices of both MPs closed.

Cooper on Rollins “He is a good politician, he could speak and go at it with the best of them, but he is a poor representative, we hardly see him around here, we don’t feel any connection to him as a representative… 

 “Honestly, Rollins had his positives. Out of all the representatives in the House, he was the only one that stood up and spoke against the wrong the PLP was doing. That was a positive. It’s just sad that he couldn’t make himself known to the people in Ft Charlotte. 

“See, around here people love Sears ( former MP Alfred Sears) for what he did for them, the type of person he was year-round in the community. We here in Ft Charlotte, we like our politicians to be for the people, here, around, accessible. Rollins isn’t like that at all, we only see him on the news, on the TV – when that was off, life is real and he isn’t helping us around here. 

“He had no chance of re-election. 

“I would never vote for Rollins, no one around here would. It doesn’t matter who he comes with, he doesn’t stand a chance in Ft Charlotte.” 

Deangelo Cartwright:  “Rollins is nothing more than a good for nothing politician … a traitor. We don’t see him, it’s hard to say the last time we saw Andre Rollins around here. 

“If he couldn’t help a party that brought him in and gave him a sure seat – how can you expect him to help a party that struggles in Fort Charlotte? He has promised us a basketball court since he took office and we still waiting.” 

On Renward Wells: 

Shetira Hanna: “The PLP and the FNM have proven that they aren’t moving forward with the people in mind. Wells is a good man, he looked out for us around here and has done a great job. I would have liked to see him join the DNA and help what they are doing there.” 

Stretch:  “I can’t fault him for it. I don’t think that he would last long with the FNM because they have a number of good options they can put in Bamboo Town. I frequent this community a lot; I know a lot of people around here. Wells was decent for the most part, he does what he can for the community and people like him as a person, but this move is strange. 

 “Politics is really funny now – people are hurting, no jobs, things are tough – these politicians are doing what they need to do stay around and that doesn’t always work best for the people.”